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Kevin Keefer, Photographer
The Photo That Started It All

I always loved looking at and making pictures. Until this image of my daughter Evelyn, I did not understand the full impact an image could have. With the power of this photo, my curiosity and self-study of photography grew. After a time, I  found I had an ability to capture special moments with a camera. 

A co-worker saw some of my photos and asked if I would photograph her wedding. I hesitantly agreed and was hooked! There is a beautiful story to be told at a wedding or family portrait session, and I believe it is my job to help you tell it.  I feed off of the responsibility and honor you bestow on me to be a part of the special moments in your life.   

For over a decade I have professionally captured hundreds of weddings and portraits. My main goal while we are in the moment is to make you feel comfortable (whether it's a session with one person, a family, or an entire wedding party) so that the best possible pictures can be made.

Later, when you look at your photos, I want to make you feel something special inside you've never felt before.  Because that is what happened with this image for me, and it changed my life.

After the little ones have grown, loved ones have passed on, or the music has ended, photos are all we have left. 

I live in Columbus, Ohio, but have and will travel throughout the state. It truly excites me to make beautiful photos of you, your family, or your special event.